Idaho’s Population Growth Continues

According to U.S. Census Bureau figures released recently, Idaho’s population increased more than 1.3% during 2014.

The increase was the 9th strongest growth in the U.S. and the strongest population growth Idaho has experienced since 2008.

After rising by more than 21,000 people in 2014, Idaho’s estimated population now stands at 1.6 million.

Idaho’s low cost of living and quality of life are often mentioned as driving factors for that increased in-migration.

Idaho’s population has grown by more than 20% in the past decade.

According to IRS data, former California and Washington residents comprise the largest percentage of new Idaho residents, followed by Oregon and Utah residents.

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida are also significant sources of new Idaho Residents.


Fewer Boise Homes For Sale Now

This is the time of year when we see fewer Boise homes for sale.

It’s winter, we’re just past the holiday season, and fewer sellers are thinking of selling.

That’s a big challenge if you’re a buyer because your choices are severely limited.

As of this morning, we have 1,935 homes for sale in all of Ada County.

424 of those homes are “To Be Built”, which means they’re vapor ~ they don’t exist!

Another 146 of those homes are under construction, which means they’re unsold spec homes in various stages of completion.

And, 85 of those homes are short sales requiring abundant patience for buyers as they navigate the byzantine, lengthy short sale process.

That leaves just 1,280 homes that are truly available in all of Ada County.

Those homes are spread across 17 MLS zones; many of which have a very slim supply of listings.

Our listing inventory should increase this Spring.

In the meantime, buyers must patiently await that increased listing inventory.

Data pertains to Ada County single-family homes on lots or acreage.

Data does not pertain to condo or townhome properties.


Boise Named #1 Best City For Singles

It’s somewhat amazing and amusing that Boise keeps appearing on all sorts of “Top 10” or “Best City” lists.

The latest one?

Boise has been named the #1 Best City For Singles” in a survey by WalletHub.

Yes, you read that right, that respected pinnacle of accurate survey results ~ WalletHub!

The survey ranked 150 U.S. cities using criteria that included percentage of singles, restaurant meal costs, per capita night life opportunities, mobile dating options, and other dubious elements.

I’m really curious how they gathered their research data, but that’s a topic for a future post.

Boise ranked as the best city for singles in the country, followed by Madison, Wisconsin and Denver, Colorado.

In case you’re wondering, Hialeah, Florida ranked next to last.

Yonkers, New York came in dead last.

Source: WalletHub Survey