Eagle Idaho Real Estate Stats – May 2015

Here’s a snapshot of May’s activity for Eagle Idaho real estate:

Eagle Idaho Available Homes

  • # Available: 378
  • Average Asking Price: $509,992
  • Median Asking Price: $428,221
  • Months’ Supply: 5.8

Eagle Idaho Pending Sales

  • # Pending: 163
  • Average Asking Price: $484,722
  • Median Asking Price: $424,900

 Eagle Idaho Closed Sales – May 2014

  • # Closed: 62
  • Average Sales Price: $371,750
  • Median Sales Price: $347,900

 Eagle Idaho Closed Sales – May 2015

  • # Closed: 84
    % Change: +35.5%
  • Average Sales Price: $405,268
    % Change: +9.0%
  • Median Sales Price: $396,200
    % Change: +13.9%

Data taken from Intermountain MLS on 6/6/15 and pertains to Eagle Idaho single-family residences on lot or acreage.

Data does not include condominiums or townhomes.

Months’ Supply = available listings divided by average monthly closed sales for the past twelve months.

Boise Real Estate: Telling The Truth

When I was growing up in Indiana, my (strict) parents taught me to always tell the truth.

I quickly learned the consequences of being less than truthful.

My way of practicing real estate is directly connected to my upbringing.

I have long practiced what I call “transparent real estate”.

I reveal everything (good and bad) to my clients so they can “see through” their transaction with full disclosure and all facts on the table.

If you ask my clients, they’ll tell you that I’m more of an advisor and educator than the traditional Realtor® who’s focused upon “closing the sale” or “getting the listing”.

This approach offers many benefits for both my clients and myself.

From my own personal perspective, it’s a lot easier to work with clients who are fully-informed, motivated, and capable than it is to spend my time trying to convince unmotivated prospects to act.

My clients hear both the positive and negative aspects of their proposed transaction without enduring the usual sales persuasion tactics.

If challenges arise during the course of the transaction, I share my concerns with my clients instead of concealing problems and pretending that everything is just fine.

It’s liberating to tell my clients the truth, educate and advise them, and then leave the decisions up to them because it removes the burden of persuasion from me.

Perhaps best of all, it allows me to face myself in the mirror without wondering if yesterday’s client will figure out the truth before closing.

Allowing my clients to “own” their own decisions also relieves me of the burden of having to convince them and keep them pumped up until closing.

And, it tends to result in a very high percentage of closings vs. sales falling through.



Eagle Idaho Community Profile

Eagle Idaho

I call Eagle Idaho “home” and I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of community in our little town.

Eagle, located at the base of the foothills, feels like a world apart from downtown Boise, located just a few miles away.

Eagle has around 22,000 residents, most of whom live in subdivisions like Brookwood, where I live.

Eagle’s city government has wisely chosen to control the quality of growth by (mostly) avoiding cookie-cutter subdivisions and those decisions are reflected in the quality of housing available in Eagle. Even McDonald’s was required to build a building that blended with the local architecture.

Lots tend to be larger in many Eagle subdivisions, and most neighborhoods offer community parks, walking paths, and small lakes throughout beautifully-planned communities with ample common areas.

The average selling price for a single-family home in Eagle is currently around $400,000, but you can easily spend more if you opt for a larger custom home.

Eagle boasts a low crime rate, traffic is pretty light, and the schools are excellent.

Perhaps most unique is the small-town feel with a quaint old downtown that reflects the town’s farming heritage.

Most of the growth in Eagle has occurred within the past few years (when I arrived in 2000, Eagle had only 11,000 residents).

Eagle has been discovered, though, and developers have submitted plans for new planned communities that could result in significant additional growth.

For more information, check out the Eagle Idaho Chamber of Commerce website.


Meridian Idaho Community Profile

Meridian Idaho barely boasted 30,000 population when I arrived on September 1, 2000.

There were working farms everywhere within a mile of downtown Meridian, and the old creamery building with its magnificent, towering smokestack presided over downtown alongside the old grain elevator next to the railroad tracks.

Meridian, Idaho is now ranked as the 10th fastest-growing city in the U.S.

Meridian’s population now exceeds 75,000, the old creamery has been replaced by the new Meridian City Hall, and it’s apparent that Meridian is undergoing tremendous planned growth.

Meridian is home to new shopping centers, numerous thriving master-planned communities, and several new city parks ~ thanks to its quality of life and a healthy local economy.

The new Ten Mile Road interchange with I-84 opened recently and the new Meridian Road interchange is currently under construction.

Although home prices have risen substantially in recent years, homes in Meridian are a bargain compared to other similar communities around the country.

You can still find a nice, smaller home for less than $200,000.

Larger homes in beautiful planned communities with lushly-landscaped common areas are available for $300,000 and up.

Millions of square feet of new retail space are opening, planned, or under construction throughout Meridian.

The new Village at Meridian lifestyle mall opened last year and includes a theater complex, numerous restaurants, retail space, and office space.

Check out the Meridian Chamber of Commerce website for more information about Meridian.


Boise Idaho Community Profile

The locals describe Boise Idaho as the biggest small town you’ll ever experience, and it’s true.

With a population of more than 200,000, there’s still a feeling of community for those of us fortunate enough to call the Boise area “home”.

There are many distinct neighborhoods of Boise, including the older North End, The Bench, Southeast Boise, and various other areas. Each has its own unique flavor and neighbors seem to get to know each other despite the overall size of the city.

People are friendly in Boise.

So friendly, in fact, that some newcomers find it odd when perfect strangers look them in the eye, say “hi”, or hold a door open for them.

In stark contrast to other major metropolitan areas, Boise’s crime rate is surprisingly low. We have somehow managed to avoid the problems of other major cities.

Full Disclosure: We did have four murders last year!   :-(   

It’s refreshing to be able to walk the downtown streets late at night without being afraid for your safety.

The Boise River runs through downtown Boise and offers dozens of miles of riverside greenbelt complete with walking and biking trails. Ann Morrison Park, Julia Davis Park, and Kathryn Albertson Park interconnect alongside the Boise river to provide ample places for family picnics, sporting events, concerts, fishing, and other activities.

And, our beautiful four-season climate provides enough variety to make things interesting without having to deal with tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, and other challenges common to many areas of the country.

Our summer weather is warm, but not unbearable, thanks to our high desert environment. Winters are usually mild with a few dustings of snow that disappear by afternoon.

Spring and Fall in Boise can only be described as “delicious”!

A multitude of recreational opportunities exist within an hour’s drive of downtown Boise. For skiers, there’s Bogus Basin Ski Area, located about 45 minutes above downtown Boise. The terrain includes everything from bunny slopes to black diamonds, offering ample challenges for even the best skiers.

If you enjoy fly fishing or camping, the nearby Payette River Scenic Byway, McCall, Stanley, and Sun Valley all offer abundant recreational sites.

Perhaps best of all is our relatively affordable housing. Entry-level homes start around $150,000 in many segments of our real estate market, and you get a lot of house for less than $300,000 in many attractive subdivisions with ample common areas and nearby shopping.

For a little more, you can expect to get a very high-quality custom home in a gorgeous planned community.

For more information about Boise Idaho, visit the Boise Chamber of Commerce website.