Eagle Idaho Market Stats – April 2015

Here’s a snapshot of April’s activity for Eagle, Idaho real estate:

Eagle Idaho Available Homes

  • # Available: 358
  • Average Asking Price: $522,343
  • Median Asking Price: $438,000
  • Months’ Supply: 5.6

Eagle Idaho Pending Sales

  • # Pending: 149
  • Average Asking Price: $464,382
  • Median Asking Price: $435,000

 Eagle Idaho Closed Sales – April 2014

  • # Closed: 63
  • Average Sales Price: $316,428
  • Median Sales Price: $280,153

 Eagle Idaho Closed Sales – April 2015

  • # Closed: 67
    % Change: +6.4%
  • Average Sales Price: $403,221
    % Change: +27.4%
  • Median Sales Price: $355,000
    % Change: +26.7%

Data taken from Intermountain MLS on 5/10/15 and pertains to Eagle, Idaho single-family residences on lot or acreage.

Data does not include condominiums or townhomes.

Months’ Supply = available listings divided by average monthly closed sales for the past twelve months.


Securing Your Home When You List

There’s much to consider when you list your home.

There’s much to do, including cleaning, de-cluttering, moving extra furniture to storage, paint touch-up, and other tasks.

But, the one thing that’s often overlooked is securing your home before you allow a world of complete strangers to enter it.

Sellers usually don’t think about it and agents don’t mention it because they want everything to remain “positive” during the listing process.

Here are a few tips on how to secure your home when you list it.

Personal Financial Information

Put away checkbooks, your supply of checks, coin jars, and purses/wallets.

You should also put away your financial information, such as bank statements, credit card statements, mortgage statements, and brokerage account statements,.

I have personally shown homes with all of that information in plain sight.

Do you really want a potential buyer to know your bank account balances or see that PAST DUE credit card statement lying on your counter?

You should also consider activating password protection for the personal files on your computer(s).

Prescription Drugs

It’s impossible for a buyer’s agent to keep an eye on buyers at all times when showing your home.

Leaving your prescription drugs on the bathroom counter or in your medicine cabinet is an open invitation for someone to help themselves to your drugs.

Potent painkiller drugs and anti-anxiety drugs are very tempting targets if left out in the open.


Consider how easy it is for someone to pocket that ring, necklace, or other valuable jewelry.

Jewelry left in plain sight is incredibly tempting because it’s small, easy to take, and may not be missed until later.

Put that jewelry box away, or better yet, lock your jewelry in a safe (if you have one).


Lock up your guns and ammunition in your gun safe if you have one.

Leaving guns in plain sight, or unsecured on a shelf, is both unsafe and dangerous.

What if a potential buyer’s child finds your loaded gun during the showing, points it at someone, and pulls the trigger?

What if the buyer isn’t really a buyer, but instead is “casing” your home for a return visit at a later time?

Yeah, I know ~ this probably sounds a little extreme and paranoid for some of you.

But, trust me, I’ve experienced some very interesting situations over the years.

It’s always a good idea to secure your home when you list it.


Why You Need Only One Buyer Agent

Buyers (especially first-time buyers) often think the best way to shop for a home is to drive around and call listing agents to get information about homes they think they like.

If you’re a buyer, that approach is the fastest way there is to end up with a herd of real estate agents pursuing you.


Because those listing agents will assume that you aren’t represented by your own buyer agent and do their best to convince you to work with them.

Those yard signs are nothing less than “bait” designed to lure you into calling the listing agent.

Driving around and calling listing agents is, by far, the most difficult way to find the right home.

The easy way to find the right home is to have your own buyer agent use their access to Intermountain MLS to find every available listing that matches your criteria.

Having one experienced, competent, responsive agent representing you will eliminate having to deal with listing agents frantically trying to get you to work with them.

Even more important is the fact that you should have your own buyer agent representing your best interests.

When you work with a listing agent, you’re working with the seller’s agent.

That listing agent has promised to get the highest price and most favorable terms for the seller; not you!

Can you spell c-o-n-f-l-i-c-t of i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t ???????

The best approach is to find and hire an experienced, competent, responsive buyer agent to represent you (and only you).

Then, let your buyer agent do the “homework” (pun intended) and search MLS for properties that match your criteria.

Doing so will make your life a lot easier, and you’ll be able to focus on the properties that are the best fit for you.

Best of all, having your own buyer agent costs no more because your buyer agent will be paid from the seller-paid commission.

Looking for that experienced, competent, responsive buyer agent I just mentioned?

My 43 years’ experience, combined with thousands of delighted past clients, is your assurance of amazing personal service.

References available upon request.

If you’re a serious buyer in search of strong buyer representation, give me a call at (208)938-5533 or e-mail me.


Your Listing Agent Won’t Buy Your Home!

If you’re considering selling your home, choosing the right listing agent is the most important decision you will make.

Listing with the wrong agent can be a very costly mistake when you’re selling your most valuable asset.

Over the years, I’ve seen many sellers list with a family member, part-time agent, brand-new agent, or an agent offering the lowest commission.

All of those choices can be costly for a seller.

But, the most serious mistake a seller can make is to list with the agent who promises the highest price.

In real estate, we call that “buying the listing” and it’s the oldest trick in the book.

Your listing agent isn’t going to buy your home and pay the high price they’re suggesting in order to get your listing!

Sellers who are eager to list their home above market value are easy prey for a listing agent who’s willing to tell a seller what they want to hear.

If you’re considering selling, we should talk before you list your home.

My past clients will confirm that working with me is like working with your own personal real estate consultant.

I’m plainspoken, highly-organized, and experienced.

No sales persuasion, no “closing the deal”, and no “overcoming objections”.

I simply provide honest advice and allow my clients to make their own informed decisions.

My 43 years’ real estate experience and thousands of delighted past clients are your assurance of good results.

I have avoided the team concept because I prefer to personally work with a few clients at a time and provide a very high level of responsive, competent service.

If you work with me, you will not be handed off to a junior team member who’s undergoing on-the-job training.

I answer my own phone (usually within a couple of rings), and I will work personally with you.

I have often joked that my business model allows me to conduct a staff meeting by talking to myself while driving on Eagle Road!

References are available upon request.

Sound interesting?

Give me a call at (208)938-5533 or e-mail me and let’s talk!