On The Road Again: Redfish Lake Camping

Redfish Lake is one of our favorite camping destinations.

We managed to sneak away for three nights with the RV at our favorite place, Sockeye Campground, this past week.

From past experiences, we have learned that the best times to camp at Redfish Lake are June and September.

We went up Monday while everyone else was returning home from the busy Labor Day Weekend.

We knew we would have some stormy weather, but it was mostly brief showers and Wednesday was one of those perfect Fall days with temps in the 70s.

Best of all, the campground was empty except for a few other campers!

Empty Sockeye Campground

Redfish Lake - Sockeye Campground

Redfish Lake Under Stormy Skies

Redfish Lake - Stormy Skies

At The Beach With Sarro

Redfish Lake Beach


On The Road Again: Redfish Lake Forest Fire

We managed a quick getaway with the trailer to Redfish Lake this past Sunday.

As we prepared to leave home, I noticed a low tire on the trailer, which turned out to be a ruined tire with a nail near the sidewall.

Thankfully, I noticed it before we got underway and got it replaced on a Sunday morning (no small feat in Boise!)

We arrived at Redfish Lake early Sunday afternoon and got set up in a beautiful campsite.

Life was good Monday afternoon as I enjoyed a good book and an ice-cold Corona while overlooking the lake.

Then, I smelled smoke in the air and looked up at a towering cloud of smoke in the nearby sky with two air tankers circling the smoke.

It was coming from a massive forest fire that was just over the hill behind our campsite.

Nearby campers were scurrying around and the campground host came by and said to prepare for evacuation.

Then, I realized that we were at the end of Redfish Lake Road, several miles from Highway 75, surrounded by thousands of campers in several campgrounds who would soon decide to leave.

There was no way I was going to await the evacuation order, so we hooked up and were one of the first to leave.

As we neared Highway 75, we drove by flames alongside Redfish Lake Road.

The evacuation order was issued 45 minutes after we left, and according to news reports, some campers had to leave their belongings behind.

The fire has apparently consumed 250-300 acres and is still burning, but our beloved Sockeye Campground Unit hasn’t burned.

News reports say that campers are being allowed back in to retrieve their belongings.

We’re back home safe and sound now with vivid memories of the past few days’ events.

Sockeye Campground

Redfish Lake - Sockeye Campground

From Redfish Lake Road ~ As We Were Leaving

Smoke Nearby

Smoke Plume ~ From 5 Miles Away

Smoke Plume - 5 Miles Away



On The Road Again: Redfish Lake

We spent a few days camping at Redfish Lake last week and it was, as usual, spectacular!

We had beautiful, sunny 80-degree days with very few people in our campground.

Here are a few shots of our very enjoyable getaway!

Redfish Lake

Redfish Lake

View From Our Campsite

Redfish Lake Campsite

Nearby Salmon River

Salmon River

On The Road Again: Redfish Lake RV Trip

The Beach Behind Our Campsite

Our Empty Campground

Are There Really Bears Here?

We just returned from a brief three day/two night RV outing at Redfish Lake.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our area, Redfish Lake is near scenic Stanley, Idaho up in the pristine Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

It’s a leisurely three-hour drive from our home in Eagle and offers spectacular, unspoiled scenery.

It was interesting that the campground was nearly empty, given the proximity to the Boise area and the fact that it was the latter half of June.

But, that will surely change during July and August when it warms up and people head to the mountains.

It got down to 34 degrees Monday night and we were without a furnace, thanks to my failing to tighten a battery connection.

Still, it was a great getaway!


On The Road Again: Hells Canyon RV Trip

Hells Canyon

Copperfield Campground

If The Dam Breaks!

We spent three nights camping with the trailer at the Copperfield Campground, just below Oxbow Dam in Hells Canyon last week.

We arrived Monday afternoon in 92-degree heat, had a nice day Tuesday, then it started raining as I was cooking steaks on the grille Wednesday evening.

A quick check of the weather revealed a forecast of steadily-declining temps over the next couple of days, including a threat of snow flurries.

So, we hooked up Thursday morning and drove through heavy rain and high gusting winds most of the way home.

At its deepest point, Hells Canyon is 7,900 feet deep (deepest gorge on the North American continent) ~ this is incredible, rugged, scenic country!

This was our first time camping in Hells Canyon and there is much to see, including the dramatic drive over Hells Canyon Dam at the end of the road.

There is no private lodging in Hells Canyon Recreation Area other than the excellent campgrounds that are operated by Idaho Power.

Idaho Power, with its three hydropower dams in the area, has a very impressive, professional presence in the area and does an incredible job of maintaining their campgrounds.

P.S. ~ The third photo of the sign definitely gets your attention when you are camped in a campground that is below two major dams with 20+ miles of water behind them!