Boise Homes: Portfolio Loans

Portfolio loans are loans that a lender “keeps” vs. selling them to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac at closing.

They can be a useful tool for buyers who don’t fit into traditional lending guidelines.

You won’t find portfolio loans at most large lending institutions, but some credit unions offer them and they can be a good option for a borrower who’s a good credit risk, but lacks the ability to qualify for an agency loan.

Examples might include a newly-minted physician, dentist, or veterinarian who is just out of school and starting a new practice.

Portfolio loans offer the ability for creative solutions, such as securing a loan with more than one property, future principal reductions, and re-casting the terms of the loan in the future.

I work with a local credit union that offers very flexible portfolio mortgage financing.

Give me a call at (208)938-5533 if you would like additional information.


Boise Homes For Sale: Empty Flyer Boxes

I hear a lot of comments (mostly complaints) from buyers of Boise homes about empty flyer boxes.

I’ve never understood why a listing agent will install a sign with a flyer box, then not ensure that there’s a supply of flyers in the flyer box.

It’s common practice for buyers to cruise neighborhoods they’re interested in and pull flyers for homes that appear interesting.

An empty flyer box usually results results in one of two outcomes ~ eliminating the home from consideration, or calling the listing agent to get the price and other information.

In most instances, the buyers will simply eliminate the property from consideration and keep on looking.

Is it really that difficult to keep flyers in the flyer box?

Empty flyers boxes are frustrating to buyers and can cause a seller to lose a sale.

They’re also a good example of lousy service for the seller.

Worse yet are signs lacking flyer boxes and flyers without prices.

But, those are topics for future blog posts.

Buyers: What have you experienced with empty flyer boxes???


Boise Homes: Closed Sales Trends

Here’s a breakdown of 2014 year-to-date closed sales for Boise homes.

  • January: 411
    % Change: (baseline number)
  • February: 419
    % Change: +2.0%
  • March: 541
    % Change: +29.1%
  • April: 669
    % Change: +23.7%
  • May: 800
    % Change: +19.6%
  • June: 810
    % Change: +1.3%
  • July: 846
    % Change: +4.4%
  • August: 752
    % Change: -11.1%
  • September: 656
    % Change: -12.8%


  • After a strong Spring market, our Summer market began showing signs of weakness in year-over-year comparisons.
  • While not displayed here, our pending sales declined from May through August of this year, leading to fewer closed sales in August and September.

Data pertains to Ada County single-family homes on lot or acreage.

Data does not include condo or townhome properties.


Boise Homes: Listing Inventory Trends

Our listing inventory plays a significant role in sales activity and pricing of Boise homes.

Here’s a breakdown of 2014 year-to-date listing inventory at the end of each month.

  • January: 2,046
    % Change: (baseline number)
  • February: 2,080
    % Change: +1.7%
  • March: 2,246
    % Change: +8.0%
  • April: 2,459
    % Change: +9.5%
  • May: 2,699
    % Change: +9.8%
  • June: 2,767
    % Change: +2.5%
  • July: 2,878
    % Change: +4.0%
  • August: 2,950
    % Change: +2.5%
  • September: 2,879
    % Change: -2.4%


  • More listing inventory means more competition for sellers and more choices for buyers.
  • Our listing inventory is seasonal with fewer listings in Winter and more listing inventory during the good weather months.
  • This year, our listing inventory peaked at 2,879 Boise homes for sale in September.
  • Our listing inventory at the end of September was 40.7% higher than our listing inventory at the end of January.

Data pertains to Ada County single-family homes on lot or acreage.

Data does not include condo or townhome properties.


Boise Home Inspections: Common Issues

I’ve dealt with hundreds of Boise home inspections over the past several years.

In the course of those inspections, I’ve noticed that many of them reveal some common issues.

Here are a few common Boise home inspection issues.

  • Disconnected HVAC ducting
  • Missing/displaced vapor barrier
  • Moisture in crawlspace
  • Reverse grade (lot slopes toward foundation)
  • Fogged windows
  • Cracked/broken roof vent jacks
  • HVAC service needed
  • Missing roof shingles
  • Missing roof flashing
  • Roof replacement needed
  • Missing window screens
  • Inoperable GFCI outlets
  • Garage door openers with defective auto-reverse
  • Dangling hot wire in crawlspace