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10 Things Your Buyer Agent Will Never Say

Here’s my Top 10 List of things your buyer agent will never say:

  1. “It’s a total waste of time to get your financing pre-approved”
  2. “Yes, let’s make a lowball offer; the seller might be desperate!”
  3. “Sure, let’s look at homes you can’t afford!”
  4. “Let’s wait to make an offer and see if someone else buys it first”
  5. “Sure, let’s go look at 50 homes without first discussing your needs, wants, likes, and dislikes!”
  6. “I’m a part-timer, so you’ll only be able to call and e-mail me when I’m not at work on my real job”
  7. “I just got my real estate license, so I may make a few mistakes with your transaction”
  8. “I’m really excited to work with you because this will be my first sale!”
  9. “Don’t worry about all those blanks I left in the purchase agreement; we’ll work out the details later”
  10. “There’s no need to do a walk-through before closing; I’m sure the sellers will complete all of the repairs they promised to make”