BoiseBlog Achieves 2,100 Posts!

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When I began this blog, I never expected to achieve 2,100 posts.

Even 1,000 posts seemed unrealistic and impossible.

I actually began blogging before blogging was cool.

In my early days of blogging, few knew what a blog was and some thought it was a dirty word.

My initial blogging efforts, sometime around 2004, began with a crude Microsoft FrontPage site that was really just a web page that didn’t allow visitors to interact with me.

Then, I stumbled upon the SquareSpace blogging platform and used it for a couple of years until one of my clients offered to help migrate the blog to the current WordPress platform.

Since going on the air on September 16, 2006, the WordPress version of BoiseBlog has enjoyed nearly half a million visits from people all over the world.

Many of my visitors return daily to see what I have posted about, and many of my visitors have visited more than 2o0 times.

Last year, I completely redesigned the blog with a new “responsive” theme that adjusts to the visitor’s screen size/device, and implemented the latest technology for mobile devices.

BoiseBlog is directly responsible for dozens of home sales while working with clients I never would have met without the reach of this blog.

I know of no other real estate blog that has been in existence as long as BoiseBlog, nor any other real estate blog with 2,100 posts.

BoiseBlog is unique with an abundance of straight talk, no personal promotion/bragging, and the ability to search MLS listings without being forced to register.

I post most weekdays and find it easy to draw upon my past experience for post topics.

Thanks to all of you who follow my real estate ramblings!