My Unique Approach For Listings

Most real estate agents view listings as precious treasure.

That leads them to pursue sellers for listings, regardless of their salability.

Brokers encourage their agents to take listings because more yard signs = more activity and the appearance of a larger presence in the market.

Some brokers even conduct monthly listing contests to encourage their agents to take more listings.

I’ve actually seen agents list their own home, and relatives’ homes, to win their monthly listing contest!

Some agents routinely accept overpriced listings, then immediately start encouraging their seller to reduce their asking price.

Lacking proper pricing, those agents are hoping that the property will somehow sell and they will get paid.

I approach listings differently.

I don’t view “hope” as a business strategy.

I view a listing as a responsibility that requires responsive service, communication, diligence, marketing, and other resources.

RE/MAX doesn’t conduct listing contests and I have no interest in having the most listings.

I’ve learned that I can’t afford to expend my valuable resources (time, money, energy, skills, etc.) on listings that don’t sell.

Consequently, I will not accept a listing unless I’m confident that it will sell.

I rarely have more than a few active listings because I’m selective about accepting listings, and the listings I take nearly always turn into pending sales.

I want to be known as the listing agent who gets results; not the agent with the most listings.

If you’re thinking of selling and appreciate my approach for listings, give me a call at (208)938-5533 or e-mail me and let’s talk!


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