Boise Home Sales: What Happens After An Accepted Offer

Here’s an explanation of what happens after buyer and seller reach agreement.

  • Accepted offer paperwork is exchanged between listing agent and buyer’s agent
  • Sale is submitted  to each agent’s office
  • Earnest money check is cashed.
  • Pending sale is reported to MLS.
  • Escrow is opened.
  • Preliminary title search is completed by escrow company
  • Home inspection is ordered.
  • Home inspection is completed.
  • Inspection repairs are negotiated.
  • Inspection repairs are scheduled.
  • Inspection repairs are completed.
  • Appraisal is ordered by lender.
  • Appraisal is completed.
  • Lender reviews/approves appraisal.
  • Loan processing is completed by lender.
  • Loan underwriting is completed by lender.
  • Lender orders homeowners’ insurance.
  • Lender prepares loan documents.
  • Lender submits loan documents to escrow.

(come back tomorrow for What Happens During Closing)


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