Idaho Backroads: Stanley, Idaho

Stanley, Idaho is up in the high country (elevation 6,253’ above sea level), about 130 miles northeast of Boise.

According to the city limits sign, Stanley has only 63 permanent residents, but that number swells during summertime when Treasure Valley residents flock to scenic Redfish Lake and other nearby popular summer destinations.

One local resident told me that only 20 or so people remain in Stanley during the harsh winter months with deep snow and temperatures well below zero much of the time.

According to Wikipedia, Stanley experiences frost an average of 290 nights per year and the record low temperature was -54 degrees (Fahrenheit) in February 1998.

There are times during Winter when both Highway 21 and Highway 75 are closed due to severe weather; cutting off the community from civilization.

Stanley City Limits

Stanley City Limits

Downtown Stanley’s Dirt Streets

Downtown Stanley

Lower Stanley

Lower Stanley


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