Will Star Be The Next Eagle?

There’s a lot going on in Star, Idaho these days.

Star used to be considered the somewhat-overlooked neighbor of Eagle, but that’s changing with the extension of Highway 16 over the Boise River.

The new Highway 16 extension will soon connect Highway 44 (aka State Street) to Chinden Avenue (aka Highway 20/26), and eventually connect with I-84.

The Boise River bridge is already in place and I’ve heard that pavement will go down this Fall.

There’s already proposed commercial development for the intersection of Highway 44 and Highway 16.

Residential construction has also rebounded in several Star subdivisions that went through hard times during the real estate bust a few years ago.

Star is just 7 miles west of Eagle, but it used to thought of as “too far out” by most home buyers.

Now, Star is considered “close in” by many buyers.

It’s a mere eight miles (about 15 minutes) from Star to the new Fred Meyer at Chinden Avenue and Linder Road.

Sure is interesting how quickly perceptions can change!


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