Boise Homes: Are Pre-Inspections A Good Idea?

Just about every home sale in the Boise real estate market includes a home inspection these days.

Home inspections are good for both buyer and seller because they can reveal issues needing attention and eliminate misunderstandings about property condition.

Home inspections in the Boise real estate market are usually ordered by the buyer after an offer has been accepted.

However, there’s nothing to prevent sellers from having their home pre-inspected prior to listing it.

The benefits of pre-inspecting include identifying and correcting issues needing repair and being able to provide an inspection report to prospective buyers.

This can give sellers a negotiating advantage by assuring buyers that the home has been inspected and repairs have been completed.

The one possible downside is that some buyers may question the impartiality of the report because the buyer selected the inspector.

I especially recommend pre-inspections for older homes in order to avoid the almost inevitable surprises that can arise during a home inspection.

It’s usually better to pre-inspect and correct those issues before listing an older home.


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