Weird Real Estate Stuff: Buyers File For Divorce

It was 1977 and we had decided to realize our dream of moving to Grass Valley, in the California foothills.

More specifically, we had purchased a home under construction in Lake Wildwood, a beautiful planned community with a private lake and golf course.

I listed our home in San Jose and it sold immediately to a couple who were moving to the area.

Our purchase in Lake Wildwood was contingent upon selling/closing our home in San Jose, so we had a lot on the line, but everything seemed solid as we approached our closing date.

We hired movers to pack and move us and the truck was being loaded on the morning of closing.

The buyers were to meet me for breakfast, then we were planning to go to the title company for closing.

I arrived early at the restaurant, sipped my way through my first cup of coffee, then began to get a little anxious when the buyers were 15 minutes late.

I finally called them to see if they were running late and learned they were not only running late, they had decided to get a divorce!

So, I asked where they were and told them I would be there in a few minutes.

Long story short, I rendered some of the best marital counseling ever, put them in my car, and took them to the title company.

We closed later that day ~ after the moving truck had already departed for Lake Wildwood with all of our possessions.


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