Boise Real Estate: City Homes On Septic

My recent experience, working with a buyer who wanted to buy a home with a shop, reminded me that it’s common to find homes that appear to be in a city, but are actually in the county.

Most homes that have been annexed to a city will have city services, including city water and sewer.

But, many (most?) homes that haven’t been annexed into a city are likely to have a private or community well and/or a septic system.

Why is this important?

Because those properties that remain under county jurisdiction may (will?) eventually get annexed into a city and be required to connect to city services.

The cost of connecting to city services can easily be $10,000 or more.

While it’s generally considered a good thing to be connected to city services, it doesn’t usually increase the value of the property.

More important is the fact that buyer’s agents must know and disclose these material facts to a buyer so the buyer is not surprised when they get the bill for connecting to city services at a later date.

I have seen several instances where listing agents misrepresented properties as having city services in MLS when they didn’t.

It’s a good idea for both listing agents and buyer agents to confirm the status of city services when considering a property that is within county jurisdiction.


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