Boise Homes For Sale: DIY Remodeling

DIY (do-it-yourself) remodeling has become popular in recent years; perhaps due to all of the HGTV shows that make it look easy to buy distressed properties, fix them up on the cheap, and get rich in the process.

While there’s nothing wrong with DIY remodeling, I am nonetheless amazed by what I sometimes see.

I showed a home to one of my buyer clients recently that appeared to have been remodeled by the owner.

The sunken family room had blue/gray 12” X 12” slate tile with wide-grouted edges that varied in height by as much as ¼” from tile to tile.

It was not only noticeable, but also a tripping hazard; not to mention not being what most buyers would want in family room flooring.

The home also had three different types of engineered hardwood in three different rooms.

And, the newer rear fence was constructed of thin boards that had been attached to small posts with staples.

My buyers, like most buyers, have an eye for quality and consistency.

Obviously, this wasn’t the right home for them.

The home remains on the market at this time, but it will sell due to its desirable location.



  1. philhoov says

    It will sell to someone who will overlook those issues and want the good location.
    It’s not a bad house; just a good example of what happens with DIY remodeling.

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