New Businesses Coming To Downtown Eagle

Downtown Eagle is about to come alive with four businesses set to open or expand.

Smokey Mountain Pizza is moving across the street from its current location to the former paint store building.

Later this month, the Barnucopia Natural food Market is set to open on West State Street, just west of Eagle Road.

Fusion Glass Studio has outgrown its current space on Edgewood Lane and has plans to build a new studio at the southwest corner of Second and Idaho streets.

Finally, the historic old Eagle Hotel is set to become Ye Olde Candy Store.

Now, if we could just do something with the old gas station and meat plant!

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  1. Karen says

    It is great that we are getting these new businesses!!! I TOTALLY agree…something NEEDS to be done with the old gas station and meat plant!!! It truly brings down the whole look of downtown. Please, please, please…lets come up with a good idea for those properties!!! That EVERYONE can enjoy.

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