On The Road Again: Three Island State Park

I managed to sneak away for three nights with my RV at Three Island State Park earlier this week.

While there, I stumbled across the Buck family on Old U.S. Highway 30 near King Hill, Idaho, replicating the pioneers’ covered wagon journey along the Oregon Trail.

When I returned to my campsite later that day, I was amazed to see the Buck family camped a few spaces away with their mules in a nearby temporary corral.

They left St. Joe, Missouri May 14th and will arrive in Pendleton, Oregon in time for the Pendleton Roundup in mid-September.

I spoke with Nick Buck (the father) about his trip and he said they have traveled about 350-450 miles “off road” during their journey in an attempt to make the trip as authentic as possible.

He said the trip has helped his family to better understand the harsh environment endured by the pioneers as they traveled over hundreds of miles of dusty, parched, barren desert on the Oregon Trail without the modern comforts we take for granted.

He also said they have to stop every 100 miles to jack up the wagons, remove the wheels, and grease the axles because there are no wheel bearings on the restored old pioneer covered wagon.

I asked him what they will do with the wagon and mules when they arrive in Pendleton.

His reply?

“We’ll sell ‘em!”

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