Boise Home Sellers: Contingent Offers

Contingent offers are usually a losing proposition for Boise home sellers.

If you’re a seller and you accept a contingent offer, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy for about a week.

That tingly feeling will start to go away when you realize you didn’t really sell your home.

Contingent offers do, however, make hesitant, unsure buyers feel good for considerably longer because they know they didn’t really make a firm commitment.

They just “kind of” made an offer that gives them a way out if everything doesn’t go perfectly.

When you accept a contingent offer, you’ve effectively taken your home off the market.

Yeah, I know, your listing agent (who also wanted to “feel” like she had your home sold and get you off her back) told you that you could continue to market your home with a “72-hour bump clause”.

But the truth is that most buyer agents will not show your home once there’s a contingent offer because they don’t want to waste their time showing a home that “might” be sold.

Even worse, when you accept a contingent offer you’ve relinquished control over selling your home to your contingent buyer because you can’t close until they sell and close their home.

Ask yourself these questions before you accept a contingent offer:

  • What if your buyer’s home never sells?
  • What if your buyer sells their home to yet another contingent buyer who also must sell their home before they can buy your buyer’s home?
  • What if the buyer’s home is overpriced?
  • What if the buyer’s home doesn’t show well?
  • What if the buyers don’t CARE if their home sells?
  • What if the buyers decide to sell their present home FSBO?
  • What if the buyers have Brutus (their guard dog) inside their home and agents won’t show it?
  • What if the buyers list with their niece, Susie, who’s brand-new in real estate?
  • What if the buyer’s listing agent is a part-timer who can’t take calls while at their “real job”?

The bottom line?

A real buyer is a buyer who doesn’t have to sell their present home before buying, has totally-underwritten pre-approved financing, and NEEDS or WANTS to buy a home now!

Buyers who must buy contingent upon selling their present home are seldom real buyers.


How To Choose The Wrong Listing Agent

Here’s my list of the top 10 reasons home sellers choose the wrong listing agent.

10) She’s your niece, new in real estate, and you want to help her.

9)   She promises you the highest asking price for your home.

8)   She says she has a buyer for your home.

7)   She says her company is #1.

6)  She promises to hold open houses.

5)   She promises to advertise your home in a real estate magazine.

4)   She’s excited and “thinks positive”.

3)   She has a team of 15 agents.

2)   She won the office listing contest last month.

And, the winner is . . .

1)   She has “Million Dollar Producer” license frames on her car!  😯 


Top 10 Futile Boise Real Estate Practices

Here’s my list of the Top 10 Futile Boise Real Estate Practices I see every day.

10) Office tour of new listings.

9)   Empty flyer boxes on signs.

8)   “Hurry, this one won’t last!” in MLS (with 101 days on market)

6)   Full graphics on an agent’s SUV, proclaiming they’re #1.

5)   Bus bench ads.

4)   Grocery store shopping cart ads.

3)   Newspaper/real estate magazine ads.

2)   Recipes in real estate newsletters.

And, my favorite!

1)   Handing out note pads and refrigerator magnets

(I love listing homes with another agent’s magnet sign on the seller’s refrigerator!)  :roll:  


Boise Idaho: River Rafting


For Boise Idaho residents, there’s nothing better on a warm summer afternoon than renting a raft or tube at Barber Point and enjoying a leisurely float down the river to Ann Morrison Park.

Looking for more adventure?

Try the Main, North, or South forks of the Payette River handling the runoff from 3,000 square miles of drainage from the Sawtooth Range and the Salmon River Basin.

You can choose from calmer waters on the Main Fork for a leisurely float, or you can tackle Class 4 or 5 rapids on the upper stretches of the river.

My favorite run is the Cabarton Section, which offers mostly calm to moderate water, punctuated by several challenging rapids including a plunge into a deep pool just before the take-out point at Smiths Ferry.

Best of all, The Payette River Scenic Byway is about one hour North of Boise!